Last Friday, June 17, the College of the Major Art of Silk, thanks to the patronage of the Hortensia Herrero Foundation. A new tourist landmark in the city that offers a visit to the building, the museum, the Espai Seda store and the cafeteria with an outdoor terrace.

 The NEXUS team organized the guest access, and served the audience by organizing the groups to visit the new facilities.

The comprehensive rehabilitation of the Colegio de Arte Mayor de la Seda has allowed the XNUMXth century building that houses it to be reborn as a museum to recover "a piece of Valencia's history in its heyday" and contribute to enhancing tourism cultural in the city.

Inside this building the jewel in the crown, without a doubt, is the ceramic floor of the Hall of Fame, which reproduces in the center of the room the importance of Valencian silk throughout the world, represented with a woman , and on the four sides the continents known in the Valencian Golden Age, that is, America, Asia, Africa and Europe.